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The Two Spoons chose Lindengate because they are passionate about  supporting mental health and wellbeing through prior life events. Choosing a local charity who do this through nature seemed a natural fit with botanicals and camellia sinensis  - tea! Tregothnan, who grow tea in Cornwall, have even been kind enough to supply some small tea bushes to Lindengate so we can watch them grow! Explore our English Tea Plantations » Tregothnan

It is located at a stunning five-acre site in Buckinghamshire, where nature breathes new life into anyone looking for support with their wellbeing. The natural beauty and richness of the site help to restore and heal, whilst specialised gardening, conservation, construction, cooking, and nature based art and crafts activities provide focus and purpose.  Lindengate offers a variety of programmes, details of which can be found on their website Home Page - Lindengate