Camomile or Chamomile?

‘Ello everybody!  ‘Ow are you?

This month we are featuring a relative of the daisy, an infusion that delivers an ‘eavenly straw coloured infusion.  ‘Old on, stop ‘eckling!  And we thought this variant was going to be uncontroversial!

Okay well spotted, we dropped an -h when we launched our Camomile.  And we aren’t going to apologise, are we Mark?!?

Why do we spell it without an -h?  Technically it probably should have an -h.  The root of the word comes from Greek meaning “ground”, the same root as that reptile that changes colour to camouflage know the one! I wouldn’t dream of spelling chameleon without an -h.  It’d be a lizard with a hump!

But language is a funny thing and there really isn’t any logic to it.  The Americans tend to write chamomile, but then they turn it into an ‘erbal tea.  So we thought we'd save on ink and drop the -h. 

Either way, there’s no need to get stressed by camomile, the opposite in fact.  The health properties of camomile have long been assumed.  It has traditionally been used to help you relax.  It’s naturally caffeine free so you can drink it any time of the day.  And because we use the flower heads, our camomile tastes delicious...

So henjoy!