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Our Teas


A really good Assam tea will be malty, rich and thick.  In other words, it will be the hardest to slurp off the spoon. The further away from the equator tea is grown, the more seasonal the tea is.  The best Assam tea grows in June, July and August.  If you like a bit of “oomph” in your cuppa, this one is for you!


The best Kenyan teas grow East of The Great Rift Valley.   They are bright and golden in appearance with a refreshing taste.  Because Kenya is on the equator, tea grows here all year round.   Our tea is from a factory called Gitugi.  The 6,000 smallholder farmers who bring their leaf to be processed here are also shareholders of the factory.


Tea from Sri Lanka is known as “Ceylon”.  The tea we selected is officially known as “High Grown“ because it grows above 4,000ft.   This altitude means the bush grows more slowly and as a result develops a wonderful zesty, citrus flavour.  The light subtle characteristics mean you can drink this with or without milk.


Our peppermint (or mentha piperita) hails from Europe.  We selected it for its fresh tasting, cooling and aromatic characteristics.  It is perfect for all occasions, caffeine free and goes particularly well after meals because of its great digestive properties.


Our gorgeous green tea is from China, the birthplace of tea.  It is a style known as Xiang Cha, which literally translates as 'fragrant tea'. It is made from tender green leaf which is  traditionally pan-fired making it delicate in cup. Best to brew with water 'off the boil'.