We're often asked why we put the word "Hedgerows" in the name of our red fruit blend.  It's because we love them!  Hedgerows are an institution in the UK, just like tea.  According to the BBC, our hedgerows could wrap around the earth, 10 times.  Driving around Buckinghamshire yesterday I could definitely believe it.

Our hedgerows are teeming with all sorts of goodies - nuts and berries that have been foraged by humans and animals for centuries.  Think blackberries, hazelnuts and a family favourite, sloes, from the Blackthorn tree. 

Rosehip and Elderberry are also ingredients that come from the hedgerows. Rosehips are the fruit of the wild rose and have a citrus-y, tart taste.  Anybody who was at school in the 1980s might also remember the seeds being used as itching powder!!!

Elderberries are from the Elder tree, you know, what Harry Potter's wand was made of!  In our blend they contribute to the colour (along with the hibiscus) and the fruity flavour.

So why not give our Hedgerows and Hibiscus a go.  It's delicious hot or iced and if you need more sweetness, swirl in a teaspoon of honey.