Reasons to love loose leaf tea

Tea bags or tea pillows as we call them are a great way to enjoy tea conveniently.  

However, making a cuppa in a pot with loose leaf tea has lots of advantages too. 

For practical reasons - you gain more control over the quantity of tea you use.  You can adjust easily whereas tea bags are a prescribed weight. 

For economic reasons, it could be better value to buy loose leaf - it costs money to put tea in to a tea bag.   

For sustainability reasons, buying loose involves less packaging.  There are no tea bags required.

For social reasons, there is something wholesome about the ritual of tea making for friends.  Taking a little bit longer to sit round the teapot can slow things a good way.

Making tea with loose leaf also helps us to remember its origin.  When we use loose leaf, we see the tea, smell the tea, touch the tea.  You don't always get that with bags.  We think using leaf can help connect with this amazing product.