Do you take your own tea on holiday?

You'd be surprised at how often we come across people who are so passionate about their choice of tea that they take it with them wherever they go.  When they visit someone's house, when they are on holiday or in case of emergency.

And why shouldn't they!?!

Tea is a personal ritual

Our tea moments are precious, they aren't just fulfilling a basic need, it's not just rehydration.  A cup of tea is so often a personal ritual and it has to be done just right!  I grew up in a house where, it had to be made in a pot, it had to be loose leaf, it had to be semi skimmed milk, it had to be milk first, it had to be left for at least 3 minutes, and it had made in a fine china mug. I know you're reading this's true isn't it!

There are people out there who take it as a personal insult if they are given tea made not quite to their liking.

Tea abroad

We want the tea to taste the same when we go abroad.  But the fact of the matter is, people who live abroad don't drink tea the same way we do.  As result, tea is blended and then prepared differently.  And we should celebrate this...Vive la difference! 

For example in Europe, there is a general preference for tea without milk.  So a lighter cup, with less tea in the bag is preferred.  Sadly this is a tragedy for those wanting a good old traditional British-style cuppa. 

In some parts of The United States, the blends are developed for Iced Tea brewing.  That just doesn't cut it, if you want something big and bold to wash down your waffles and breakfast burrito.

The Tea Tin or "Pillow Case"

We've been humbled by the number of people who have sent us pictures of Two Spoons tea being drunk on holiday.  We thought it would be helpful if we came up with something to put our tea pillows in.  A tea tin that's versatile, durable and airtight. Well what do you put a pillow in? 


It can accommodate at least 8 pillows, (I managed 15 Bucks Blend...I packed them neatly...)

So if you like to bring a little bit of home comfort with you on hols, put a tin in your basket and select the blend that you love the most.