Love your tea smokey? Can't find Lapsang?

"Where can I get Lapsang?"

When we were out and about at the markets of Buckinghamshire, we had so many requests for a Lapsang Souchong, we could no longer ignore the voice of the people.  Twinings had apparently stopped selling it and people kept saying, "I can't find Lapsang anymore" or "Where can I get a good Lapsang?"  

What is Lapsang?

Lapsang is an iconic tea with a very distinctive flavour.  It is a smokey tea. Think Islay malt or smoked salmon.    

How Lapsang is made?

The process involves leaf being exposed to pinewood smoke at various stage of manufacture. The story goes, it began almost as a mistake.  Villagers in 19th century China, under threat of attack, hurriedly dried their green leaf with whatever was available to avoid losing their precious crop.  The fuel they used resulted in that heavily smoked flavour and it proved a popular innovation. It's no wonder cigar-wielding Winston Churchill was a fan.

Lapsang for cooking.

We've even sold Lapsang to local pubs who use it to infuse a smokey flavour to their dishes.  The Stag at Mentmore do a wonderful smoked carrot canape. Delicious!